Q&A With Ben Rosen

Check out this Q&A with Ben Rosen, a writer for Buzzfeed. Ben is an avid Snapchat user and has been using it for years. He will provide you with valuable tips to help you master Snapchat.

Who are you? 

My name is Ben Rosen, I’m a writer for BuzzFeed, I’ve been a Snapchat user for a little over a year, and I recently wrote an article about my little sister teaching me how to Snapchat like a BO$$.

What do you use Snapchat for?
I mostly use it for making my friends laugh. I’m not an avid poster, but I’m very committed to the craft.

Top tip:
This is going to sound obvious, but you should really get creative with the platform. There are so many ways to make something really unique out of something really normal. Play around with how you use doodling / text / emoji. Resize them, move them into different parts of the screen, play them off of each other, etc. The only limitation is your own imagination. I think that’s a movie quote but I can’t place it.

Five accounts everyone must follow: 
Holy tacos, I’m not sure I know that many. Follow mine (@benmrosen), my fiancée has a good one too (@clinebot), DJ Khaled is funny (@DJKhaled305).

Avoid this on Snapchat:
My number one pet peeve is when someone snaps a concert. It never sounds good being shoved through mobile speakers and I can never tell who it even is. It’s like having a drunk person in a car when you’re sober. Too much energy for me to handle while I’m going through my feed before bed.

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