Q&A With Chris Kubbernus

Check out this Q&A with Chris Kubbernus, founder of Kubb & CO. Learn some fantastic tips for your Snapchat game.

Who are you? 

I am Chris Kubbernus, but my friends call me Kubby. I am the CEO of my own digital agency called Kubb&Co. It’s brand new, started just this year. It’s my fourth company, I started my first at the age of 18, and it helped to provide me with some drinking money for college, but that was about as successful as it got. I am Canadian, but live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am also a blogger, public speaker and I host a YouTube show called The Kubby Show, where I give marketing and business advice.

What do you use Snapchat for?
I use it mostly to show people my daily life, the entrepreneurial journey I am on. I also give marketing and business advice and try to foster the Snapchat community by shouting out people I like and follow.

Top tip:
Be creative. Follow lots of people and watch their snaps for inspiration. It’s hard to come up with cool stuff everyday, so you need creative input to get things going.

Five accounts everyone must follow: 
Chocolate Johnny (chocjohnny), Kenny Merced (kenmercedmedia), Gala Gil (galagil), Gabriela Cardoza (cardozagab), Jonathan Tripp (jontrippsnaps)

Avoid this on Snapchat:
The biggest mistake I see people make is they don’t think about their audience. Think about what people might be interested in hearing about or seeing. Ask for engagement – questions, comments, feedback. Get a discussion going on and try and build a community around yourself and others.

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