Q&A with Hillel Fuld

Check out this Q&A with Hillel Fuld, founder of ZCast, a platform aiming to remove the barrier from podcasting. Hillel is going to provide you with some tips and well as some important Snapchat do’s and dont’s.

Q&A with a Snapchatter:

Who are you? My name is Hillel and I am the cofounder of ZCast, a new platform aiming to remove the barrier from podcasting. I also contribute to several tech publications.

I’ve been on Snapchat for years but only recently started getting more into it. Then I wrote thispiece. I mainly use it to tell my story, quite literally. I share things there that I don’t share anywhere else. I’m less hesitant for example to share my emotions, even if slightly negative. I’m just more filterless on snapchat than anywhere else. I also follow some pretty great folks that are interesting and fun to watch.

Top tip: Best hack is to add an A in front of the people’s names you most enjoy. That way they appear at the top of the list, which is alphabetical. “The A list.”

Avoid this: The biggest mistake users make on snapchat, Twitter, Google+, and any other platform is they start, don’t get it, and lose interest In a matter of minutes. Stick to it. There is value in every platform if you invest the time.

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