Q&A With Taylor Nikolai

Check out this Q&A with Taylor Nikolai, a social media enthusiast. He is currently a popular social media publisher that has engaged millions of users worldwide. Taylor will provide some neat Snapchat tricks and some important things to know, as well as provide us with some interesting accounts to follow.

Who are you?
My name is Taylor Nikolai. I was an early adopter to social media and am now one of the largest independent social media publishers in the world. I have millions of engaged followers across a variety of niche-industry topics, spanning every major platform. For the past two years I’ve focused my efforts to Snapchat. In this time, I have become one of the largest Snapchat Influencers in the world, featured in publications like WIRED, Business Insider, and many others.

What do you use Snapchat for?

I use Snapchat as a means to entertain and inform. I disseminate content I know viewers not only want, but will want again tomorrow — and tell their friends about too.  For the most part, I take a very direct and minimalist approach to my Snapchat stories, where I simply look at the camera and speak to the audience.

The largest of my themed accounts is “WTFfacts.” On this account I tell unique and interesting facts everyday, and people love coming back to learn more. The short and bite-size nature of my accounts are perfect for the medium, which have allowed me to create an extremely powerful and engaging Snapchat network.

I run my personal account (Taylor.Nikolai) as a means to show who I am.

I’m not on Snapchat to show my daily life, I’m on it to tell stories. If I’m doing something interesting that can be developed into a full-fledged story, I’ll do that, but for the most part I’m interested in keeping short-and-to-the-point snippets for people to watch. I find overexposure and saturation to be a large issue with loss of followers. People don’t want to see everything in your daily life, they want to see stuff they’re interested in.

Top Snapchat Tip:

This is a strange question because it’s not clear what you’re asking. What do you want a tip about? Do you want a tip on how to do Snapchat better? That’s easy, just be consistent and you’ll find your voice. Do you want a tip on how to grow an audience? Well, you’re going to have to collaborate. The key to anything is listening and responding, if you’re not doing that, you might as well not try.

Five accounts everyone must follow:

Well besides my personal account (Taylor.Nikolai — with a dot) and WTFfacts (which I mentioned earlier), here are five Snapchatters that I think are knocking it out of the park: CyreneQ, ProducerKCM, Operamericano, Metz044, and BrandenHarvey.

Avoid this on Snapchat:

  • Driving Snaps: Nobody wants to watch you driving your car on your way to some place interesting. You know what would be more interesting to watch than you in your car on your way to some place? The place.
  • Singing Snaps: Nobody wants to watch you sing along to Taylor Swift in your car.
  • Stories over 200 seconds: WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?
  • Uploaded Snaps: People aren’t stupid, they know if you didn’t make something natively with Snapchat, so don’t lie to your audience.

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